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The Actor's Toolbox with Lisa Chappell (Adults 16+)

Learn new acting skills from one of New Zealand's most successful actors. You'll work on stage, screen, modern and classical material.

Actors Toolbox acting class TAPAC
Acting & Drama
  • Mondays, to
    07:30 pm - 09:30 pm
Lisa Chappell
TAPAC class

Learn twenty essential tools for acting intuitively and truthfully in this masterclass programme with New Zealand acting icon Lisa Chappell...

"Over the last three decades I’ve assembled a personal toolbox that borrows from many different acting techniques including; Stanislavsky, Meisner, Mike Alfreds, The Method and Practical Aesthetics. Each character/job is unique and often requires a different tool than the previous one, so it’s been beneficial to have on hand a variety of techniques to help me work intuitively and truthfully.

The Actor’s Toolbox comprises of twenty tools that will be taught throughout the year via monologue and scene work in a Master Class environment. We learn by doing so I want to create the opportunity for actors to work in every class and to learn from each other as we discover the techniques via the work. Having worked equally on stage and screen I feel confident that I can help actors navigate their way from one medium to the other seamlessly and effectively and to help achieve this we will work on stage, screen, modern and classical material.

Acting is fun. My classes are always safe and playful as we venture through the human experience together via the art of story-telling. So come join me and bring along your sense of play, sense of humour, respect, commitment, honesty and vulnerability and together we shall create magic."

Lisa Chappell


Lisa Chappell is an enthusiastic, supportive, inspiring and extremely gifted teacher. Her extensive acting experience means she has a huge wealth of performance knowledge. Her willingness to share this knowledge in conjunction with her positivity and infectious personality makes her a wonderful teacher and a true joy to work with. - Georgina Silk

Lisa is a great teacher with a really intuitive sound understanding of character and the breaking down of a scene. She was invaluable in helping me be the best I could be in the audition room. – Matt Minto

Lisa Chappell is a highly skilled and articulate teacher. Her passionate pursuit of detail matched with her infallible eye for the work makes her a challenging and enriching tutor. Lisa gets results. – Ryan Bennett

Lisa demonstrates a genuinely strong commitment to inclusive practice. She is the kind of person who manages to successfully combine professional qualities with a very humane and warm spirit. She is highly regarded by our students and staff as a proficient teacher and a warm and caring person. Her understanding, sensitivity and eloquent communication skills together with an excellent sense of humour makes her a very approachable teacher and person. – Bess Reynolds BA, Higher Dip Tchg, Dip Drama, Head of Drama - Diocesan School for Girls

Please note, there is no class on Monday 1 June (Queen's Birthday).

Teaching artist

Lisa Chappell TAPAC

Lisa Chappell

New Zealand acting icon Lisa Chappell first won fame in 1980s soap Gloss, playing rich brat Chelsea Redfern. She went on to do a stint of theatre in Palmerston North including being a breakfast DJ on 2XS, played Velma in the musical Chicago and joined TV cop drama Shark in the Park.  Her first film role followed in big screen period piece Desperate Remedies, followed by the quirky Jack Brown Genius produced by Peter Jackson. After a variety of theatre and TV roles including The Herbal Bed, All My Sons, Hercules and City Life, Chappell decamped to Australia, where she won two Logie awards during a three year run on international hit McLeod's Daughters. Since releasing her debut album, she has won a Qantas award for a gun-toting role in Kiwi TV drama The Cult, is a regular performer with Auckland Theatre Company and has written a number of critically acclaimed plays. Her acting career continues unabated across New Zealand and Australia in theatre, film and TV.