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Acting & Drama
  • Saturdays, to
    12:00 pm - 03:00 pm
Iatua Felagai Taito
TAPAC class

A creative workshop facilitated by Iatua Felagai Taito for members of the queer community to express themselves in multiple creative arts disciplines.

This session is an introduction to an ongoing series of workshops for young adults in the rainbow community. Participants will collaborate to create a multi-disciplinary performance that is representative of their own unique identities and experiences.

Teaching artist

Iatua Felegai Taito

Iatua Felagai Taito

Teaching Artist

Iatua is a multidisciplinary artist who has performed as a poet in Jafa Poetry slam, as a actor and dancer in theatre productions and dance productions, a previous member of Auckland Theatre Youth Company, also serves as a freelance journalist/writer for the Big Idea NZ, and a guest author and contributor for the Craccum magazine at the University of Auckland. Formally Iatua has a BA in Drama and Pacific Studies, Postgraduate Diploma in Dance Studies, Master of Dance Studies with First class honours and is a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship awardee and currently will be pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Dance Studies. Iatua's research is centered around the empowerment of Rainbow (LGBTQIA+ / MVPFAFF+) people through mediums of performing arts specifically targeting Siva Samoa in relation to the Samoan community. His passion as an artist and aspiring academic as a whole is to help elevate stories of underserved communities and allow them to grow safely in their creativity and love for the performing arts.