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Acting & Drama
  • Wednesdays, to
    07:30 pm - 09:00 pm
Betsabé Quintero
TAPAC class

Everyone is invited to the creative world that offers Improv and Drama in Spanish language not matter what your experience level is.

We’ll explore the use of our body as a device for creativity focusing on movement and physicality. You will connect with your imagination, expression and voice. This workshop is especially for people with Spanish as a second language.

This is an exciting opportunity to enjoy a new journey with your inner child. Nos vemos en clase!

Teaching artist

Betsabé Quintero

Betsabé Quintero

Teaching Artist

Betsabé considers herself a traveler in constant search for understanding of the world around me and the human psyche. She graduated as a University Drama Teacher and has an artistic background of acting in theater, tv, movies and improv shows. Had experience directing and producing different kinds of drama shows overseas and in New Zealand. At the moment she is teaching improv and drama in Aotearoa.