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TAPAC offers a variety of acting programmes for all ages. Browse our in-studio acting programmes and register your interest here. We be in touch as soon as we are able to start the classes again…

ACTING FOR SCREEN (7–10 Years) TUES 4.00PM–5.00PM $185 (Tutor TBC)

ACTING FOR SCREEN (10–13 Years) WED 4.00PM–5.00PM $185

ACTING FOR SCREEN (Teen 13+) WED 5.00PM–6.00PM $245

ACTING FOR SCREEN (Adults 16+) THU 5.30PM–7.00PM $240

Tutor: Fiona Edgar

Grow your acting skills and gain an understanding of what is required for TV and film performances.

Students will experiment with different performance scenarios and characters. They'll study scripts and taken them home to learn for the next class, where they'll perform their work in front of the cameras. Performances will be recorded and reviewed.

THE ACTOR’S TOOLBOX (Adults 16+)   MON  7.30PM–9.30PM  $200

Tutor: Acacia O'Connor

Explore voice work, singing, movement, devising and theatre play as you learn practical skills needed in the actor’s toolbox.

IMPROVISATION (Adults 16+)        THU            7.00PM–9.00PM               $225

Tutor: Justin Rogers

Discover your creativity and spontaneity, strengthen your acting skills.


Tutor: Lynette Forday, SHINE School of Confidence

Try presenting, acting, voice & accents, public speaking and improvisation with a focus on developing the imagination and the voice to create authentic, believable performances.