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Circus professionals Circability lead TAPAC’s Circus Arts classes for all ages and abilities. Browse our in-studio circus programmes and register your interest here. We be in touch as soon as we are able to start the classes again…

CIRCUS ARTS (5–7 YEARS)    WED    4.00PM–5.00PM    $160

INTERMEDIATE CIRCUS ARTS (8–13 YEARS)     WED    5.15PM–6.45PM    $200

CIRCUS ARTS (8–11 YEARS)    THU    4.00 PM–5.30PM    $200

CIRCUS ARTS (13–16 YEARS)    THU    5.45 PM–7.15PM    $200

OPEN  CIRCUS ARTS   (Adults 16+)   WED    7.00PM–8.30PM   $225

Tutor: Circability

Master the techniques used by professional circus performers.