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    07:00 pm - 08:00 pm
$15 per class
Megan Adams
TAPAC class

Express yourself creatively through dance in this fun online class with respected industry professional Megan Adams…

This class is best suited to beginner students. You’ll explore your own movement style and creativity as you practice floor work, exercises and combinations.

Discover the freedom of dancing expressively, connecting your mind and body through fluid dance movements.

All Zoom links are sent to you automatically after you enrol but if you do not receive a link or are unable to find it please email [email protected]

Please try to join the class 5-10 minutes before so that the tutor can sort out any issues and direct you in how to optimise your Zoom settings for a better experience before they get the class started. We recommend that you use a device which has a microphone, speakers and camera for all TAPAC classes. You will be asked at the beginning of each class to turn on your microphone and camera to say hello. After this you may turn off your camera if you choose

How Online Classes Work

Firstly, you don’t need to have much space! Megan lives in a small house and tries to make the class possible in a space not much bigger than the space you would need to lie down in a star shape on the floor!

You don’t have to turn your camera on. Megan doesn’t mind if you have your camera off as long as you turn it on to say Hi! at the beginning of the class, so she can check who is logged in to the class.

Megan teaches the class slowly and clearly to make sure that everyone is following and she is happy to answer any questions from anyone during the class. She encourages everyone to make the movement work for them and the space that they have.

The class is fun! It's very similar to what we normally do at TAPAC and is a good opportunity to keep up your dancing while in lockdown, as we all know how good dancing can make us feel.

One of Megan's favourite times is after class when she invites you to hang around and have a quick catch up with each other. 

Here are a few quotes from Megan's regular online dance students;

“It is freedom amidst the lockdown” - Cindy

“Megan is an excellent teacher and has mastered how to teach on Zoom in her fun and supportive style. Her online classes include lots of different dance sequences from the studio lessons that she has adapted for tiny spaces. She has great methods for making sure her students can see and understand what she is teaching. Sometimes her descriptions are so good, and familiar,  I don't even have to look at the screen. I like the variety and challenge of the sequences, and the sense of community that Megan's classes have. I probably don't try as hard at home (!), but I really enjoy having a dance and seeing Megan's friendly students at the start and end of the class” - Chloe Davison

“Megan Adams’s Zoom classes are a chance to keep my body/mind tuned up and reinvigorated while in my home bubble. I can jump in with my class who I’m used to sharing space with and it’s just like we are back in the studio but I didn’t have to drive there! Keeping my routine up with this group helps my new normal feels more grounded.  Megan’s gift is the way she translates the details of the class to all of our varied levels of experience and physical needs.  I often feel like I’m a bit too tired or a bit too achy, but my teenage son reminds me how I ALWAYS love it and rave how great I feel after!”  - Clare Battersby

Teaching artist

Megan Adams

Megan Adams

Megan, a graduate of the New Zealand School of Dance, works as a dancer, choreographer, rehearsal director and teacher. She is also a long-term yoga practitioner and is in her final year of Iyengar Yoga training. Megan has tutored dance at TAPAC, Unitec, PIPA and Toi Whakaari (the NZ Drama School) and has worked in schools as a dance education tutor for the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company, Markham Arts and Atamira Dance Company.

Megan was Douglas Wright's choreographic assistant and worked on the NZ, Australian and European tours of Black Milk (2006), Rapt (2011 and 2013) and The Kiss Inside (2015 and 2016). She has also choreographed various other stage works including 360 (NZ International Arts Festival 2010 and Auckland 2014) as well as working in film.