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  • Fridays, to
    06:00 pm - 07:00 pm
Sushmitha Mantri
TAPAC class

Aimed at young adults, students will experiment with Bhangra, Funk, Hip Hop and other fun styles infused with your favorite Bollywood beats.

A great way to move, groove and keep your fitness up- all while learning the foundations of Bollywood dancing.

Each class is an hour in duration and run in a workshop style with a dance video filmed.

Teaching artist

Sushmitha Mantri

Sushmitha Mantri

Teaching Artist

Have you seen this energetic diva dance? You will be mesmerized. Sushmitha (Sush) hails from the region of Hyderabad, India and lives with her family in New Zealand. She started teaching and performing professionally in 2021 with Aaja Nachle and never looked back. She has taught herself with passion and enthusiasm from a young age and gained vast experience performing and competing at national level competitions through school and college life. She is an integral part of our team, always taking initiatives to create new choreographies and fun dance videos. She delivered amazing performances with her students at many cultural events in New Zealand. She juggles her part time teaching role with full time work as a Procurement Analyst.