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From flamenco and hip hop to contemporary, ballet and Little Movers – TAPAC runs a variety of dance classes for all ages. Browse our in-studio dance  programmes and register your interest here. We be in touch as soon as we are able to start the classes again…



HIP HOP               (Adults 16+)       TUE        6.15PM–7.15PM    $165

Tutor: Richie Cesan

Learn hip hop dance from one of NZ's top hip hop dancers.

BEGINNERS BALLET        (Adults 17+)        TUE        6.00PM–7.00PM               $165

OPEN LEVEL BALLET        (Adults 17+)        TUE        7.15PM–8.15PM               $165

Tutor: Mary-Jane O’Reilly

Enjoy ballet techniques at a beginners or open level in social, supportive classes.

CONTEMPORARY 1          (Adults 16+)        TUE        7.30PM–9.00PM            $200

CONTEMPORARY 2          (Adults 16+)        THU   7.00PM–8.30PM               $200

Tutor: Megan Adams

Explore your own movement style, technique and creativity in this accessible class.

FLAMENCO         (Teens & Adults)               MON       7.30PM–8.30PM    $140

Tutor: Amira Brock

Discover the foundations of flamenco footwork, arm and torso movements and traditional, authentic  Flamenco dance steps.


HIP HOP               (5–7 Years)     TUE        4.00PM–4.45PM              $135

HIP HOP               (8–11 Years)    TUE         5.00PM–5.45PM              $135

Tutor: Richie Cesan

One of New Zealand’s leading hip hop dancers will teach you all there is to know about popping, locking, isolation and more!

CREATIVE CONTEMPORARY  (4 Years)  SAT        8.30AM–9.15AM      $155

CREATIVE CONTEMPORARY  (5–6 Years) SAT    9.30AM–10.15AM    $155

CREATIVE CONTEMPORARY  (6–7 Years) SAT        10.30AM–11.30AM   $175

BOYS MUST MOVE    (6–10 Years) SAT      1.00PM–2.00PM          $175

LITTLE MOVERS       (3–4 Years) FRI        9.45AM–10.30AM    $155 

Tutor: Clare Battersby

Explore the magical world of dance with one of New Zealand’s most experienced dance educators.

KIDS JUNIOR BALLET         (4–6 Years) SAT  8.30AM–9.15AM               $155

KIDS INTERMEDIATE BALLET (7–9 Years) SAT  9.30AM–10.15AM        $155

CONTEMPORARY               (8–12 Years) SAT  11.45AM–12.45PM       $175

Tutor: Rose Philpott

Building a love of dance and technical skills in a fun, supportive environment.

CONTEMPORARY             (13–16 Years)  FRI    5.00PM–6.00PM              $175

Tutor: Jessie McCall/Presley Ziogas

Learn contemporary dance techniques and choreographic skills to create and perform  with confidence.