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Singing & Songwriting
  • Mondays, to
    05:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Leea Lamatoa
TAPAC class

Teen singer-songwriters will love this fun and creative programme packed with practical techniques and tips for writing and performing catchy songs...

You’ll learn the craft of writing songs by exploring song and chord structure and how harmony and melody coexist to support the idea behind a lyric. You’ll learn basic lyrical conventions such as metaphor, rhyme, assonance, oxymorons etc and will work on creating your own songs over the programme. 

You’ll also learn new singing techniques that explore how your individual voice works and how to shape a song to express yourself.

The course will also explore what's involved performance and live recording.

Feel free to bring your own instruments. 

Please note, there is no class on Monday 7 June (Queen's Birthday).

Teaching artist

Leea Lamatoa

Leea is a talented singer/songwriter and a vocals and guitar teacher. She studied  classical vocals from the age of 12 went on to complete a degree in Popular Music at the University of Auckland. Leea performs various styles of music across Auckland and shares her love of singing and songwriting private tutoring and working at schools.