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Special FX
  • Sundays, to
    09:00 am - 03:30 pm
$95 (includes $10 for materials)
Jane Ellis
TAPAC class

This fun and creative one-day workshop with face painting, body art and special fx artist Jane Ellis will show you how to create amazing characters using make-up and special fx...

You’ll learn techniques for making scars and fake blood and you’ll create your own mythical, fantasy or human character.

In the morning session you will discover how to make your own scar wax, latex substitute and fake blood. You’ll also experiment with professional products to compare them with your DIY creations.

You’ll create fake scars and wounds on your arms and your tutor Jane will demonstrate different techniques on a model to inspire you.

In the afternoon, you’ll create your own character using a pre-prepared mood board and face chart template. You will each have your own mirror and shared make-up and tools to create your individual character. Jane and her assistant will help each student individually.  There will also be a costume box available to help complete your look. There will be a photo session at the end to capture all of the unique characters.

Before the Workshop

To get the most out of this workshop, we will send you a face template and instructions to create a mood board and character design before the course.  Who is your character? Where do they live? What time period? Are they real or a fantasy character, human or mythical? We ask that these please be sent back to [email protected] so that they can be passed on to Jane to prepare what is needed to create your characters! You can also bring any items or props that will help you to create your head to shoulder look.

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Teaching artist

Jane Ellis TAPAC

Jane Ellis

Jane is the Creative Director and Operator of Rainbow Rascals, an entertainment company that specialises in face painting, body art and special fx. Jane has been working in the face painting and body art industry for 18 years and has experience in a wide range of make-up, face painting, body art and special fx techniques. Jane also has a love of costumes and accessories. She enjoys teaching and working with students to help them bring their ideas to life. Her sessions nurture a love of make-up, performance and theatre and open students up to the magic of how special fx can be used to create characters.