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Zumba (Teens & Adults) SHORT COURSE 10-31 May

Exercise your cardiovascular system, improve your metabolism and physical health. Zumba makes exercise so fun you hardly notice you’re doing it!

  • Mondays, to
    07:30 pm - 08:30 pm
$40 for 4 sessions
Krasna Martinic
TAPAC class

Have fun, get fit, hear new music and boost your endorphins in this new short course with experienced Zumba instructor and dancer Krasna Martinic…

Suitable for beginners and for those experienced in Zumba, the class involves simple choreographies that will allow you to stay in constant motion for an hour, respecting your own capacity and ability.

Classes involve 50 minutes of dance plus 10 minutes of stretching and relaxation. The intensity and physical demands gradually increase over the class.

Gentle muscle toning exercises are also integrated into the class with varied and dynamic music, and with the characteristic Latin style, which makes it fun and full of rhythm.

In a short time, you will notice your coordination improve and you will be able to master basic steps of various dance styles. Zumba also raises your endorphin levels, making you feel happier. 

Teaching artist

Krasna Martinic TAPAC

Krasna Martinic

Originally from Chile, Krasna has been teaching different types of dance for more than 20 years. A dancer and certified Zumba instructor with an undergraduate teaching degree in physical education, Krasna taught dance for the renowned dance company Ti Cinco in Chile. With a 40-year history, Ti Cinco are renowned for promoting the ‘entertaining dance’, now known as Zumba. At Ti Cinco, Krasna learned various Latin rhythms such as salsa, merengue, bachata, cha cha and tango. She lived in Spain and ran her own Flamenco academy in Chile. Krasna teaches at various dance studios and gyms in Auckland.