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Acting & Drama
  • Wednesdays, to
    08:00 pm - 10:00 pm
$120 for 4 sessions
Daniel Fernandez

These engaging workshops with Babel Theatre’s Artistic Director Daniel Fernandez explore tools and techniques for beginner and advanced actors to explore their physicality and approach characters in a creative but structured way...


Beginners can explore:

  • Theatrical presence: How to build your energy on the stage.
  • Quality of movement, tonic state and tricks.
  • Finding the truth in your acting.

Advanced actors can explore:

  • The creative possibilities of your body to express emotions: The psychological gesture.
  • How to ignite the intuitive process with the role's characterisation.

To enrol, please email Daniel at [email protected]

Teaching artist

Daniel Fernandez TAPAC

Daniel Fernandez

Daniel is an award winning actor and artistic director of Babel Theatre, a theatre company that focuses on using diversity as a creative tool. With more than 20 years' experience on the stage, he has developed his own style, characterised by a strong physicality, improvisation and comedy skills. Over the years, Daniel has collected many acting techniques, from Le Coq to Michael Chekhov. He is passionate about using the performing arts for social change, and he has extensively explored theatre techniques such as devising theatre, theatre of the oppressed and playback theatre.