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Online Safety

TAPAC - Online Class Safety & Information

About TAPAC and Zoom

To deliver classes online TAPAC is using Zoom. Zoom is an online platform that offers a wide
range of communication and collaboration features that allow users to interact and engage with
each other online via video, audio, text chat and screen sharing capabilities. With some of our
classes moving onto Zoom there are some security and health and safety risks you need to be
aware of. While our Zoom sessions will be moderated by a TAPAC tutor, staff member or both, we
encourage you to research about online safety independently as well as read the information we
have supplied in this document.

Potential risks and protocols

Risk: There is no age or identity verification feature on Zoom. People can participate in a Zoom
session by using the unique Meeting ID which is sent by the host regardless of age or identity.
Protocol: At the beginning of a class the tutor will ask all students to turn on their cameras and
say hello. Cameras can then be turned off after this if you choose. This is so we know who is in
the meeting. If for any reason you are not able to turn on your camera please inform the tutor. The
tutor may remove a user from the class and that user will not receive any refunds if they are not
able to verify their identity as requested.
Risk: Strangers can “zoombomb” meetings especially if a Meeting ID is shared publicly.
Protocol: Our Meeting IDs (Zoom links) should only be obtained by registering for a class on the
TAPAC website. We ask that you do not forward links to other people or use links that were not
sent by a email address or enrolmy email.
Risk: Every participant can share their screen with the group, with no warning.
Protocol: The meeting host and/or tutor will disable the screen sharing function for all other
Risk: Participants are able to text chat with each other without the host or tutor knowing.
Protocol: Chat will be disabled by the host/tutor for all kids’ classes. There will be some instances
where tutors may use this function for adults’ classes.
Risk: Participants are able to interact with each other without the presence of the host or tutor.
Protocol: The “Join before host” function will be disabled upon set up of the Zoom meeting. This
means that you will be able to connect to the meeting but the main room/session will not open
until the host joins the meeting.
Risk: Zoom meetings can be recorded.
Protocol: As the meeting host TAPAC will not record any sessions or part of sessions without
parent/student consent. While only the meeting host will be able to record sessions using the
Zoom recording function we ask that participants do not use external applications or devices to
record our online classes. If a participant is found to be recording a class they will be removed
from the meeting by the host.

Online Bullying

Bullying, whether online or in person, can be a common occurrence especially amongst young
people. TAPAC takes a zero-tolerance approach to bullying whether it be in our venue or our online
space. We want to make sure that everyone feels safe as they participate in our classes.

What is online bullying?
Online bullying can be anything from being shamed or called names online, someone repeatedly
sending you unwanted messages, someone spreading rumours and lies about you, someone using
fake accounts to make fun of you or being hacked or impersonated by someone else.

Things you can do to deal with online bullying

Report it - Let the tutor know what is happening or tell a parent immediately so that the person
can be removed from the class. You may also send a report to [email protected].
Keep a record - Save texts and take screenshots of any online bullying that might disappear later
or if it is something only you can see on your device.
Reach out - Talk to someone that you feel you can trust. This could be a close friend, parent,
other family member or even a teacher.
Resources - For more information you can contact Netsafe ( or Youthline (youthline.

Health & Safety

Please note that by joining one of our online classes you do so at your own risk as we cannot
control your home environment or provide you with assistance remotely. Please don’t do anything
that doesn’t feel right or is uncomfortable.

We encourage you to prepare for an online class by doing the following
• Find a clear space around you and clear any furniture our of the way
• Removing any other distractions or noises
• Make sure the device you are using is fully charged or plugged in and making sure that any cables
are out of the way
• Have a water bottle handy
• Work within your own comfort level and do not do any moves that feel uncomfortable or may
lead you into any hazards such as furniture or pets!

Tips for Parents & Adults

• Depending on the type of class or level of interaction, consider turning off your camera after the
class introductions in case you may have any children walk by in view of the camera.
• Please monitor your child’s online interactions. We encourage you to monitor this for the duration
of the class, however, if this is not possible please check in on the beginnings and ends of
• If something happens in a Zoom session that you are not comfortable with or you notice something
out of the ordinary please let TAPAC know.
Tips for Kids
• If someone is bullying you online or you see someone else being bullied - reach out to a friend
or parent immediately and/or report it.
• Your tutor and/or TAPAC moderator are there to help you in the class - Use the “raise hand” button
if your microphone and/or camera are turned off and you need to ask a question.


While we endeavour to create a safe online space for all of our tutors and students, there are
many things which are outside of our control when it comes to the online environment. We encourage
all TAPAC parents and students to become familiar with safe online practices as we continue
to offer online class alternatives under lockdown. For more information on online safety and
bullying or the online platforms we use, please visit the following:

Netsafe -
Youthline -
Zoom -

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing education@
or by reaching out to us on social media.