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Terms & Conditions of enrolment

By enrolling in a course, the student or the student’s parent, caregiver or guardian agrees to the terms and conditions below.

1. Secure your Course

Students are encouraged to enrol and pay in advance to secure their place on the course and avoid disappointment. TAPAC cannot reserve places on courses until the student has enrolled and the full payment has been received.
Enrolments usually open 5-6 weeks before a course starts. Details will appear on the TAPAC website. (We have noticed some of our regular students may assume that they are automatically enrolled for the next term, but this is not the case, so please make sure that you enrol for each term.)

2. Course Fees

Course fees are calculated for the entire term and must be paid in full by the first day of the term or earlier. The course fees cannot be paid on a class by class basis.

3. Late Enrolments

Tutors and TAPAC may allow students to start the course after it has started. This may only occur if there are spaces available in the class mentioned, and at the full discretion of the tutor and TAPAC. In this case, before a student attends their first class, students must pay the full term fee for that term. Any late enrolments are charged an administration fee of $20.

4. Discounts and Refunds

There is no discount or refund for any missed classes during the term (eg. if the student is sick or away) or withdrawal from the course once the term has started.

5. Statutory Holidays

All statutory holidays are observed, so no classes will be held on those days. If a class falls on a statutory holiday, there are no make-up classes. Statutory holidays are not included in the course fee.

6. Replacement Tutor

If a tutor is unavailable for a class (for example if the tutor is sick) that tutor will supply a replacement tutor. All tutors, including any replacements, are vetted by TAPAC.

7. Transfer of Class

At TAPAC’s discretion, students may be able to transfer to a different class, but a $20 transfer fee will apply, to cover TAPAC’s administration costs.

8. Watch a Class

Subject to the tutor's approval, potential students can come and watch a class to see if they are interested in enrolling in it. If they like it, they can then commit to the timetable for the full term of the course. Please discuss this with our staff first as this is not available for some classes.

9. Class Cancellation

In the rare event a tutor has to cancel the full term course, students will receive a refund, may transfer to another term or potentially transfer to another course (if available). No transfer fee is payable in this situation. The student may select which option they prefer.

TAPAC may, at its complete discretion, at any stage prior to or during a holiday or term programme cancel any programme if TAPAC considers the number of enrolled participants is too low. In this event, TAPAC will refund any remaining course fees for any cancelled programme that may be due to the participants, less the fees for any part of the programme or classes already attended.

In the event that a class is cancelled, TAPAC will, at its complete discretion, provide a make-up class or refund.

10. Payment Options

Payment may be made online by internet banking and credit card. You may also pay for classes at the TAPAC reception desk prior to the start of the programme.

11. Your Contact Details

It is the responsibility of the student (if over 18 years) or student’s parent, caregiver or guardian to ensure the TAPAC tutor for the student’s class and TAPAC reception have your current contact details. Please ensure the contact details are correct, kept up to date and include: full name, address, phone number and email, and date of birth for students under the age of 18. These details will only be held by TAPAC and will not be passed on to any third parties other than the TAPAC tutor, company or other entity running the student’s class, or as required by legislation.

12. Health, Safety, Injury and Medical Conditions Policies and Procedures

12.1 TAPAC takes all practicable steps to ensure the safety of its students, tutors and employees to provide a safe learning environment, but please note that dance, circus and body work by their very nature carry a potential risk of injury or accidents despite adequate precautions. TAPAC is not liable for personal injuries sustained or any loss or damage of personal property whilst on the premises.

12.2 TAPAC provides qualified and experienced tutors, who actively promote safe practice in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and TAPAC policies and procedures.

12.3 It is the students or student’s parent, caregiver's or guardian’s responsibility to notify their tutor of any injury or medical condition prior to class. TAPAC has no liability in respect of any pre-existing medical condition or injury whether disclosed or not. The student or student's parent, caregiver or guardian indemnifies TAPAC against any loss, damage or expense of any kind arising from such an injury or pre-existing medical condition.

12.4 A first aid kit is available at TAPAC reception. We do not provide anyone with Panadol or equivalent, nor do we administer students’ medication.

12.5 TAPAC Performing Arts Programme students are under supervision while in class time only. Tutors and TAPAC staff cannot be responsible for supervision of students outside their allocated class time.

13. Complaints Policy

13.1 TAPAC is proud of the quality of its classes and its tutors. If you have any complaint or concern, we encourage you to raise it with us at the earliest opportunity. We assure you of a careful and sympathetic listening to your concerns.

13.2 Please send any complaints or concerns to [email protected]

14. Photography or Filming

14.1 By enrolling in the course the student and the student's parent, guardian or caregiver agrees that TAPAC has the right, at any time whilst the student or the student's parent, guardian or caregiver are on TAPAC premises or grounds to record, photograph or film the student or the student's parent, guardian or caregiver including, without limitation, during the course or class provided such recording, photography or film is only used by TAPAC for publicity, promotional, educational or funding purposes of TAPAC or any of its activities. The student and the student’s parent, guardian or caregiver authorises TAPAC to transmit, distribute, exhibit, license and use the photographs (or any reproductions or adaptations of the images) and/or recording (or any part) on any media in perpetuity. It is also understood and agreed that the student and/or the student’s parent, guardian or caregiver will not receive any payment for these photographs and/or recordings.

14.2 Any filming, recording or photographing by students of any other person at TAPAC including, without limitation, other students within their class must be done with that person's or persons' express permission and may only be used for personal purposes. Any such footage or images must not be posted online or reproduced publicly, or shared with anybody else, or used for any commercial purposes, without the specific written permission of the person(s) in the film, photograph or recording.

15. Intellectual Property

Copyright and other intellectual property rights in choreography, plays, songs and other works created and used in classes and performances remain the artistic and intellectual property of TAPAC and/or the tutors. These works must not be copied or reproduced or used without prior written permission of the tutor involved and TAPAC.

16. Code of Conduct

By enrolling, the student and their parent, caregiver or guardian agree to adhere to the TAPAC Visitor Code of Conduct set out at the end of these terms and conditions. In the case of a breach TAPAC reserves the right to call security, remove the offending person from the premises, cancel the enrolment or do anything else that may be reasonable in the circumstances.

17. Drop off and Pick ups

17.1 Where the student's parent, caregiver or guardian is dropping the student off prior to class or picking up after class, they agree to do so promptly so that the student is not waiting either before or after class for any period that is longer than 15 minutes.

17.2 In the case of any student that is 10 years of age or under, the student's parent, caregiver or guardian must wait with the student until the class starts and pick up the student immediately upon the class finishing, and, if the student is young, supervise them during any visits to the toilet.

18. Privacy Act

18.1 TAPAC collects personal information about students (and parents/caregivers of students under 18 years old) when you enrol for a course. For more details visit

18.2 All information is held at the TAPAC premises at 100 Motions Road, Western Springs, Auckland. Class enrolment details, being names and contact details only, are provided to the class tutor or relevant company or other entity running the classes.

18.3 Under the Privacy Act 1993 you are entitled to have access to, and request correction of this information.

19.  Child Protection Policy

TAPAC is fully committed to the safety, security and well-being of all children in its care whilst participating in TAPAC activities. TAPAC understands the needs of children, and makes their safety and security a priority. The TAPAC Child Protection Policy (2018) reflects these values, and supports the organisation in creating a safe environment for children, as well as for staff. To view a copy of TAPAC’s Child Protection Policy please check below for all related files.

20. Amendments to Terms and Conditions

TAPAC may amend these terms and conditions from time to time at its complete discretion. The student and the student's parent, caregiver or guardian agree to review these terms and conditions prior to the start of each term or course.


1.     Code of conduct
1.1  Compliance with the rules, policies and procedures contained in this Code constitutes a requirement of entering, visiting or using all or any part of the TAPAC venue including its grounds and car park.
1.2  All visitors are expected to:
(a)   exercise expected and decent standards of behaviour;
(b)   demonstrate courtesy and respect for other visitors, TAPAC staff and students;
(c)   comply with all laws, reasonable instructions, and TAPAC policies and procedures; and
(d)   maintain appropriate standards of attire.
2.     Unacceptable Behaviour
2.1  TAPAC regards the following as unacceptable behaviours:
(a)   physically abusing, fighting or threatening another person while on TAPAC premises;
(b)   irresponsible or unacceptable behaviour including obscene language that could cause offence;
(c)   causing injury or endangering the safety of themselves, employees, students or their friends or families, contractors or the public including (but not limited to) failing to properly use equipment, or failing to report any accident or near accident;
(d)   irresponsible or unauthorised use of fire prevention or safety equipment, or other TAPAC property;
(e)   driving near TAPAC or in the car park at a speed exceeding the speed limit, or in a dangerous or careless manner;
(f)    committing any act that results in wastage and/or damage to property;
(g)   unauthorised possession, use, or removal from TAPAC premises or movement of any TAPAC property or property belonging to another person;
(h)   falsifying any records submitted to TAPAC or other acts of dishonesty;
(i)     unauthorised consumption of alcohol or drugs at TAPAC, or being, in the opinion of TAPAC, affected by alcohol or drugs;
(j)     possession of illegal drugs;
(k)   serious harassment of any person while on TAPAC premises or business;
(l)     conduct which could seriously damage the reputation of an individual or TAPAC;
(m)  smoking in a smoke free area;
(n)   consuming food and beverage in the studios or theatre; and
(o)   any other actions deemed to be of a sufficiently serious nature that has or could seriously affect the operations of TAPAC.