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    09:00 am - 03:00 pm
Music Educational Centre
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Embark on a musical journey like no other with our upcoming group music programme! This isn't just your ordinary piano lesson – it's a captivating musical adventure that will introduce your child to the enchanting realm of music.

Get ready for two days filled with piano playing, singing, dynamic movement, and exhilarating musical games. Tailored for 4-7 year olds taking their first steps into the world of music, this engaging and thoughtfully designed course goes beyond the basics. Your child will even learn to decipher and create the unique language of music through an introduction to reading and writing musical notation.

No need to worry about equipment – each participant will have access to their own keyboard during the class. All your child needs to bring is their boundless enthusiasm, vibrant energy, and, of course, their singing voices!

This holiday programme presents the perfect opportunity for your child to uncover the sheer joy of learning an instrument. Watch as they discover the thrill of creating music in a collaborative and enjoyable environment. Don't miss out on this chance for your child to set forth on their musical expedition. 

Teaching artist

Teaching artist

Musical Education Centre

Music Educational Centre

Teaching Artist

Music Education Centre has been teaching music lessons in Auckland since 1981.

We’re passionate about what we do and the benefits that learning to play a musical instrument provides.

Our specialist lessons are for children as young as 3-and-a-half. We offer one-on-one lessons for children over 7, as well as for teens and adults. These lessons are adapted to each student’s ability and to the style of music they’d like to learn.