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$22 - $25
60 minutes

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Show time: 7:00pm

Flamencodanza is a project that started five years ago at the Avignon Fringe in France, and has now reached a point where different elements fuse together in a unique manner producing an award winning, surprising show full of energy, beauty and inspiration. Elements of flamenco, Brazilian music and jazz give the music a variety of colors. The passionate dancing is based on flamenco, with it's fiery footwork, and integrates elements from ballet and contemporary. 


"A platinum medal for Flamencodanza"  -

"An audience favourite" - Hudson Theatre Hollywood. 

Premiered at the Avignon Festival in 2021, the show has trajectory and potential, and has been performed on several stages in Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, UK and the USA.
With a trajectory of decades as a professional guitarist, Raul has an extensive discography of Flamenco and Fusion. The music composed for Flamencodanza is based on Flamenco, including modern elements and Brazilian colours.