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Vanity Fair

$5 - $15
2 hours 45 minutes with a 10 minute interval

Show times: 

Wednesday 20 September: 7pm

Thursday 21 September: 7pm 

Friday 22nd September: 11am and 7pm 

Saturday 23 September: 2pm and 7:30pm

All enquiries regarding ticket sales, refunds, or transferals please call 0508 iTICKET (484-253), or head to

Vanity Fair

Becky is “bad.” Amelia is “good.” But in an unfair world, it isn’t always that simple…

Two women—one born into privilege, another straight from the streets—attempt to navigate a society that punishes them for every misstep. Clever Becky’s not afraid to break the rules; soft-hearted Amelia’s scared to bend them. Both strive for what they want—but neither can thrive without the other.

Through Becky and Amelia’s victories and losses, this thrilling, highly theatrical (im)morality play explores how flexible our morals can become when the wheel of fortune turns…Bold, wickedly funny, and shockingly relevant, VANITY FAIR demands that we face our own hypocrisy.

After all…who are we to judge?