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Improvisation (Adults 16+)

Improvisation is an unbeatable way for inexperienced actors to access theatre and a superb tool for experienced actors looking to upskill themselves.

Adult Improvisation classes TAPAC
Acting & Drama
  • Thursdays, to
    07:00 pm - 08:30 pm
Tom Kane
TAPAC class

Learn how to make your own original performance and create unique dramatic characters in this engaging programme...

You will learn techniques to strengthen and develop your acting talent, improvisation methods to engage your imagination, and ways of collaborating effectively with others. You will travel into the richness of your own creativity and spontaneity.

This class is suitable for those with experience in performance as well as those who have never performed at all.

Teaching artist

Tom Kanes

Tom Kane

Teaching Artist

Tom Kane has been acting professionally for more than 25 years, and has appeared in numerous Film, Television and theater productions, as well as voice over work. Tom's Improv journey began in 2000,and in 2001 he was a founding member of the Covert theatre, and joined "The Improv Bandits", one of New Zealand's most respected and successful Improv troupes.

He has studied under, and performed alongside some of the World's top Improvisers, including Keith Johnstone and Colin Mochrie, to name a few. Tom continues to perform regularly as a member of The Improv Bandits, and The Covert theatre, in many styles of Improv, ranging from short form, to long form and narrative based Improv such as "Private Dick", an Improvised, long form Film Noir show, of which he is also the Co-producer. 

He has been teaching Improvisation for over 16 years to people of all ages, including Improv workshops for numerous corporations and institutions, including weekly classes at Diocesan School for Girls since 2021.

Tom brings his vast acting, Improv, and teaching experience to all his workshops, and is know for his expertise in physicality and character work.