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Musical Theatre
  • Wednesdays, to
    05:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Jess Rogers, Hayz Pincheira Rowe
TAPAC class

These musical theatre classes are for young people who love performing onstage and who want to build their skills and confidence and have fun!

Over the term students will learn how to: sing confidently in a group and as a soloist; perform a dance routine to performance standard; and learn how to put acting techniques into practice.

"Fun and educational and good for building confidence."

"I love meeting people from completely different backgrounds and think Hayz is brilliant!"

This class is 'student's only'. Parents are welcome to the first session of term and the showing at the end of term, but we ask that parents please wait in the foyer for all other lessons.


Teaching artist

Jess Rogers TAPAC

Jess Rogers

Jess is an Auckland born actor, singer and dancer who trained in Musical Theatre at London College Emil Dale Academy. Last year she returned home due to Covid-19 and has continued to work performing and teaching around New Zealand. Jess has just returned to Auckland from the New Zealand tour and premier of Madagascar The Musical and she will return to this tour later in the year. With a huge passion for the arts, Jess loves to share her knowledge with others and is very excited to be able to teach a new group of students this term. 

Teaching artist

Hayz Pincheira Rowe

Hayz Pincheira Rowe

Hayz is the Managing Director of New Zealand Performing Arts, a professional performing arts training centre in Auckland, which offers Trinity Diplomas. She graduated with a Higher Diploma in Theatre Arts and ISTD Dance Instruction from London’s Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts, where she also taught. Hayz has performed in numerous stage productions in the UK and has featured in TV series and music videos for performers such as Beyonce and the Black Eyed Peas. She has worked with stunt performers in movies such as Blood Diamond and National Treasure and works closely with KISS Theatre Company.