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The Frog Prince Theatre & Crafting Experience (Ages 5-10)

Led by expert tutors from Rainbow Rascals, children will be given the opportunity to creatively explore the magical world of The Frog Prince, making fun crafts inspired by the show.

Frog Prince Theatre and Craft  Workshop TAPAC
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    09:00 am - 03:00 pm
$70 for one-day workshop
Jane Ellis
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When booking, please select which one-day workshop you want to attend (14 or 15 July).

A creative day of crafting, as children immerse themselves in the world of The Frog Prince, TAPAC's July holiday children's show. Children will attend the show and create fun, froggy and fairytale-inspired costumes and crafts...

Children will be given the raw ingredients to make a wide selection of fantastical creations. They'll come up with the designs and the tutors will teach them the techniques and skills to bring their designs to life.

An hilarious re-telling of the classic fairytale, The Frog Prince is an action-packed adventure crammed with colourful characters who revel in slapstick hi-jinks, magical mishaps and musical mischief. The price of the workshop includes a ticket to the show.


Teaching artist

Teaching artist

Jane Ellis TAPAC

Jane Ellis

Jane is the Creative Director and Operator of Rainbow Rascals, an entertainment company that specialises in craft activities, face painting, body art and special fx. Jane designs craft activities that are fun, achievable, stimulating and rewarding.