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Boys Must Move (6-10 Years)

Discover your full potential in a range of movement possibilities in these high-energy dance classes just for boys.

Boys Must Move TAPAC
  • Saturdays, to
    10:30 am - 11:30 am
Clare Battersby - Boys Must Move
TAPAC class

A call to boys who love to move! This class aims to get boys moving together creatively. It introduces boys to a range of dance techniques including movement improvisation, contemporary and African dance styles.

The class is led by one of New Zealand's most experienced dance educators, Clare Battersby, who is joined by guest male professional dance tutors. 

Clare is inspired to get boys moving together creatively and intergenerationally, so they feel both motivated and inspired by their peers.

Similar classes for boys have proved extremely successful internationally. At The 2018 Child WDA International Dance Conference, international delegates praised the enthusiasm, creativity and dynamism of  the Adelaide Urban Activators intergenerational boys dance group.

“Urban Activators provides an excellent service to our community by creating an environment where young boys and young men feel comfortable and challenged to participate in dance and creative expression.”

 Susan R. Koff, Ed.D., Director Dance Education Program, NYU Steinhard

Some classes will be taken by a guest co-tutor.

Teaching artist

Clare Battersby TAPAC

Clare Battersby - Boys Must Move

Clare Battersby is one of New Zealand’s most experienced dance educators, and a treasured, long-term tutor at TAPAC. Claire has a Graduate Diploma in Movement & Dance from the University of Melbourne and has taught dance to young Aucklanders for over 25 years. She creates classes where dance skills are explored, developed and extended in a safe, creative and encouraging environment. Clare also creates and performs her own delightful outdoor events for children. “I love to encourage children to express their natural desire to leap for the stars, roll across the earth and run through empty spaces.” In 2014, Clare received a Kiwibank New Zealander of the year Local Hero award.