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  • Mondays, to
    07:30 pm - 08:30 pm
Maria Otero
TAPAC class

These structured classes for beginners cover the foundations of different aspects of Flamenco dance, including footwork, arm and torso movements and traditional, authentic Flamenco dance steps...

You will learn to incorporate these into a short routine at the end of each class. You'll also learn palmas (flamenco clapping) to learn Flamenco rhythms, which is very important.

These classes offer a warm and supportive environment, as flamenco dance is reasonably challenging to learn and also brings great satisfaction and joy.

Teaching artist

Maria Otero

Maria Otero

Teaching Artist

Maria is  a professional dancer and a teacher of Spanish dance and flamenco dance, graduating from the professional dance conservatory of Córdoba, Spain and has recently relocated to New Zealand. 

.Maria has had the opportunity to learn from the greatest in the world of flamenco such as Olga Pericet, Eva Yerbabuena, Amador Rojas, Rubén Molina, Miguel Ángel Berna and many more. Her first steps in flamenco were lead by the dancer Yolanda Osuna (a professional dancer from Cordoba)

Maria aims to introduce flamenco to Aotearoa in a dynamic and beginner friendly way, so that all feel welcome and confident to delve into the wonderful world of flamenco.

Her teaching style focuses on the energy and emotional connection to flamenco - to encourage students to feel the passion of flamenco.  Her choreography of different flamenco styles, allows students to discover that each style feels something different.